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If you don’t use your arms or your legs for sometimes, they become weak; when you start using them again, they slowly become strong again. Everybody knows this, and nobody would think of questioning this fact. Yet there are many people who don’t seem to know that the memory works in the same way. When someone says that he has a good memory, he really means that he keeps his memory in practice by exercising it regularly, either consciously or unconsciously. When someone else says that his memory is poor, he really means that he doesn’t give it enough opportunity to become strong. The position is exactly the same as that of two people, one of whom exercises his arms and legs by playing tennis, while the other sits in  a chair or a motor or a car all day.

If a friend complains that his arms are weak, we know that it’s his own fault. But if he tells us that he has poor memory, many of us think that his parents are to blame or that he just unlucky, and few of us realize that it is just as much his own fault as if it was his arms or legs that were weak. Not all of us can become extremely clever; but all of us can, if we have ordinary bodies and brains, improve our strength and our memory by the same means practice.

Have you ever noticed that people who can’t read or write usually have better memories that those who can? Why is this? Of course, because those who can’t read or write have to remember things; they can’t write them down in a little notebook. They have to remember dates, times, and prices, names, songs and stories: so their memory is the whole time being exercised.

So if you want a good memory, learn from the poor and humble: practice remembering.






*reWritten by Valentinus Pidin –


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saya seorang manusia yang sedang mencari dan mencari. bukan hanya kebenaran tetapi apa itu benar? apa yang membuat itu dibenarkan? dan oleh siapa benar itu dikatakan?


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